Why monkeys beat fund managers

Every now and then a bored financial publication goes to the zoo, rents a monkey and pits him against a bunch of mutual fund managers.  Lo and behold, the ignorant monkey who doesn’t know a thing about betas or earnings potential beats the significant majority of active portfolio managers. These journalists must be pretty good monkey… Read More »

7 skills to boost your influence as an analyst

The best equity analysts routinely use their influence to be more effective. In almost any task of an analyst’s job -whether speaking to management, investors or portfolio managers one-to-one or just sending an emailing to a random potential information source-, there is an influencing element involved. There are a number of important skills required for… Read More »

You know you are in finance when…

…the bartenders at Starbucks make your coffee without you having to order it. …you yell at your girlfriend for being shitty at excel. …you see your Blackberry blinking on saturday morning and get in a cab to the office before you actually read the message. …you write your valentine’s day card in bullet points. …it’s… Read More »