Odey Swan Fund – Report for December 2015

■ In December-15 the Odey Swan Fund returned +4.4% against the MSCI Daily TR Net Europe return of –5.3%. ■ Positive performance came from our holdings in sectors including Energy (+1.8%), Materials (+1.6%), Industrials (+0.8%) and Financials (+0.8%). ■ Individual best performers this month were Seadrill (+0.9%) and Anglo American (+0.7%); the worst were Sports… Read More »

Why monkeys beat fund managers

Every now and then a bored financial publication goes to the zoo, rents a monkey and pits him against a bunch of mutual fund managers.  Lo and behold, the ignorant monkey who doesn’t know a thing about betas or earnings potential beats the significant majority of active portfolio managers. These journalists must be pretty good monkey… Read More »

7 skills to boost your influence as an analyst

The best equity analysts routinely use their influence to be more effective. In almost any task of an analyst’s job -whether speaking to management, investors or portfolio managers one-to-one or just sending an emailing to a random potential information source-, there is an influencing element involved. There are a number of important skills required for… Read More »