Dumb things investment professionals say

Investment professionals like to think they are smart. In truth most are, but just not as much as they think. The industry is filled with over-achievers that default to investment banking because they lack a personal project to direct all their wit and ambition. Anyhow, very smart people are very much capable of saying very […]

Why monkeys beat fund managers

Every now and then a bored financial publication goes to the zoo, rents a monkey and pits him against a bunch of mutual fund managers.  Lo and behold, the ignorant monkey who doesn’t know a thing about betas or earnings potential beats the significant majority of active portfolio managers. These journalists must be pretty good monkey […]

Front office roles at investment banks

For those trying to find your place within investment banking, here is an overview of what the different front office roles actually entail: Sales You get to the office around 6am in order to spend most of your day on the phone trying to sell your clients products that they probably don’t need. If you’re […]

You know you are in finance when…

…the bartenders at Starbucks make your coffee without you having to order it. …you yell at your girlfriend for being shitty at excel. …you see your Blackberry blinking on saturday morning and get in a cab to the office before you actually read the message. …you write your valentine’s day card in bullet points. …it’s […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be an Investment Banker

Everyone hears a lot about investment banking while in school, and it seems to be the coolest thing since the wheel. The point of this post is not to bash on sellside, but just to give an idea of why many people prefer the buyside. Equity Research A different industry Investment banking is really concentrated […]

Institutional Investor’s 2014 research ranking

Like every year, more than 2,200 money managers working for about 800 investment institutions (with circa €6 trillion of equities under management) have voted for their favourite sell-side research analysts on the 2014 Institutional Investor’s 29th annual equity research ranking. Many buy-side fund managers rely on the opinion of sell-side analysts to assess their current or […]