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Investment banking compensation ranking

Now that bonus compensation figures for 2012 are out, here is the ranking average front office employee compensation at the top firms. Blackstone seems the place to be, and Deutsche Bank appears as the most notable payer among bulge brackets. On the other side, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse have been rather stingy, and RBS…… Read More »

How to get into equity research

Equity research associates (associate is the entry level position within the research department of an investment bank) work supporting a particular industry analyst, whose job is to publish research and make investment recommendations (buy, sell or hold) on stocks within a specific sector. The required background of a research associate varies a lot depending on the… Read More »


Until not so long ago, it was clear that ACAs were given preferential treatment by investment banks recruiting accountants over those armed with competing qualifications, such as the ACCA and CIMA. But has the playing field slowly become more level? The cold, hard facts The employment figures from the ICAEW, the ACCA and CIMA do… Read More »