Equity research interviews

These are our most popular articles to help you prepare for equity research interviews:

Equity research interview preparation
This equity research interview guide is meant to tackle all those “how do I prepare for an interview with the industry X team of bank/fund Y” questions.

Questions you must ask on an equity research interview
Equity research jobs are hard to find, but blindly grabbing the first offer you get can be costly. Here are some vital questions to ask during the interview.

Things to do before and during hedge fund interviews
The key to both the actual hedge fund interview and the investment pitch is to show you’re enthusiastic, capable to perform the job, and not be a liability.


Hedge fund interviews
Complete guide to help you ace all hedge fund interview questions. Includes 10+ Sample Pitches Across Many HF Strategies, 30+ hrs of HF videos, 200+ pages of detailed guidance.


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