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Institutional Investor’s 2014 research ranking

Like every year, more than 2,200 money managers working for about 800 investment institutions (with circa €6 trillion of equities under management) have voted for their favourite sell-side research analysts on the 2014 Institutional Investor’s 29th annual equity research ranking. Many buy-side fund managers rely on the opinion of sell-side analysts to assess their current or… Read More »

Some hedge funds are hiring

If you’re trying to get into a hedge fund you could start by looking at Brevan Howard in Switzerland. According to Bloomberg, they want to hire around 35 people in Geneva before the middle of next year. Bloomberg doesn’t state whether these will be people traders or support staff, so unfortunately most are likely to be the latter. If you’re not keen on moving to Switzerland… Read More »

Equities and investment banking jobs in London

While most companies are cutting staff, a few opportunistic City investment banks and boutiques are hiring in an attempt to snap up some financial talent within the current uncertainty. These are the companies which are currently hiring in London: In equities Cantor Fitzgerald: After declaring its intention to hire hundreds of talented people, Cantor is… Read More »

No Loss for Goldman

With Bearn Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch out of the game, Goldman Sachs is not just the hand that rocks the financial market cradle, it’s simply the financial market itself. If you ever wondered how a monopoly looks like in chart form, here it is: In the first quarter of 2010, Goldman made money… Read More »