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You know you are in finance when…

…the bartenders at Starbucks make your coffee without you having to order it. …you yell at your girlfriend for being shitty at excel. …you see your Blackberry blinking on saturday morning and get in a cab to the office before you actually read the message. …you write your valentine’s day card in bullet points. …it’s… Read More »

Google is the new apple

As the stock market has currently been going through its greatest runs, most investors are looking forward to all those safe stocks that can easily offer them better returns and that at least match with the broader market. According to reports, over the past few weeks, S&P Depository Receipts has approximately offered 25% returns and… Read More »

Can pension funds attract investment talent?

Pension funds are increasingly bolstering their in-house investment teams, and (rather obviously) are looking to tap asset managers for talent. But with remuneration typically smaller, why would anyone make the switch? Recruitment spree for investment professionals range from the small – Lothian Pension Fund is looking for two investment professionals – to the large (Universities… Read More »

I love Kiva

For those not familiar, Kiva ( is a person-to-person micro-lending site that allows individuals, primarily from developed countries, to lend directly to entrepreneurs in the developing world.  The borrowers are in places like Cambodia, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Peru, and Tanzania — and primarily borrow to allow their very small businesses to expand and hire. Kiva… Read More »