Institutional Investor’s 2014 research ranking

Like every year, more than 2,200 money managers working for about 800 investment institutions (with circa €6 trillion of equities under management) have voted for their favourite sell-side research analysts on the 2014 Institutional Investor’s 29th annual equity research ranking. Many buy-side fund managers rely on the opinion of sell-side analysts to assess their current or… Read More »

Be contrarian to outperform

Do you need a goal for 2014? BE CONTRARIAN. In any area of life, following the crowd means that you will not, by definition, beat the crowd. Leaving luck aside, there is a distinct reason why the top 1% have achieved their high status in life: They utterly refuse to behave and think like the 99%.… Read More »

The phases of the market

Most investors buy at the highs and then see their stock or index fall shortly after. Learning to recognize the phases of the market and using these patterns to your advantage will give you the upper-hand and significantly improve your returns. Smart-money investors study, analyze and understand the 4 phases that take place in every cycle: Accumulation, Mark-Up,… Read More »