Here is a list of equity research reports (mostly company initiations from the sell-side). Also included are some industry pieces as well as buy-side investment reports, financials books, investment newsletters and even full Excel company models.

The page displays only a limited number of reports, so if you are looking for something on a specific company you should use the search function below.

Can’t find a report on a particular company or industry? Do you have a report that you’d like to share? Contact us here¬†or send an email to and we will try to help!

BAML = Bank of America Merrill Lynch
BC = Barclays Capital
Berenberg = Berenberg Bank
Bernstein – Sanford C. Bernstein
Citi = Citigroup
CS = Credit Suisse
DB = Deutsche Bank
GS = Goldman Sachs
NO = Nomura
SG = Societe Generale
UBS = UBS (shocker, we now)

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 Internet 2015 (CS).pdf

 Global Commodities Primer - RBS (2009).pdf