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Institutional Investor’s 2014 research ranking

Like every year, more than 2,200 money managers working for about 800 investment institutions (with circa €6 trillion of equities under management) have voted for their favourite sell-side research analysts on the 2014 Institutional Investor’s 29th annual equity research ranking. Many buy-side fund managers rely on the opinion of sell-side analysts to assess their current or… Read More »

Investment banking compensation ranking

Now that bonus compensation figures for 2012 are out, here is the ranking average front office employee compensation at the top firms. Blackstone seems the place to be, and Deutsche Bank appears as the most notable payer among bulge brackets. On the other side, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse have been rather stingy, and RBS…… Read More »

Top International Business Schools

This is an attempt to categorize of non-US business schools in terms of reputation. The issue with international school rankings is that it makes little sense to compare schools with a similar reputation but a vast geographical distance (for example, Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands and HKUST in Hong Kong), so the categorization includes two global groups (“Ultra Elites” and “Elites”) followed by and extra level of… Read More »