You know you are in finance when…

By | January 26, 2014

…the bartenders at Starbucks make your coffee without you having to order it.

…you yell at your girlfriend for being shitty at excel.

…you see your Blackberry blinking on saturday morning and get in a cab to the office before you actually read the message.

…you write your valentine’s day card in bullet points.

…it’s 9pm on an amazing summer day in July and your boss asks you not to work too hard and go enjoy the summer sun.

…passing out cold after three and a half minutes of sex constitutes “quality time” with your girlfriend.

…after a night of heavy drinking and sub-par sex, you wake up next to an very ugly girl and try to hit “Ctrl + Z”.

…you actually know the difference between sales, trading, research and investment banking.

…you think you’re a significantly better catch than anyone else does.

…you know what a ‘league table’ is.

…you know you’re smart enough to actually contribute to society, but get no ‘warm glow’ from doing so, and are perfectly happy to sell your soul for a few hundred grand a year.

…you sigh every time you that that NOTORIOUS Blackberry “bleep”, even when it’s not coming from yours!

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